Agility in the Event Industry

While the agile manifesto was originally aimed at software development, several other non-Tech industries have since adopted agile and have been able to leverage the advantages of the mindset and its provisions. The event Industry in Africa happens to be one of such.

In session with Oluwatoyin Olatunji-Daniel, CSM — who is a co-founder and executive director at Eventecture (one of Nigeria’s leading event management organizations) — she would be sharing about agility in an industry outside Tech.

Oluwatoyin Olatunji-Daniel, CSM is certified scrum master, and the convener of a non profit bi-annual business conference for events entrepreneurs in Nigeria called Eventually.

She is also a visionary leader with proven track record of driving organizational turnaround and change management, and is passionate about continually promoting operational improvements, market expansion and positive corporate culture as keys to success.

To view talks from this session and more at the Global Scrum Master Summit, kindly visit

Our Keynote speakers include Aanu Gopald, Joshua Kerievsky 🇺🇦, Heidi Helfand, Chris Mowles, Jason Little, Bob Galen, Mark Kilby, Chris Williams, and Cliff Hazell

Track Chairs for the Global Scrum Master Summit 2022 include Kjell De Ruiter, Mariana Trigo, Yves Hanoulle, Martin von Weissenberg, Dana Pylayeva, CEC, CPCC, ACC, Ari-Pekka Skarp, Ayodeji Ishola

Many thanks to Vasco Duarte and the entire Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast community for putting this together.


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Ayodeji Ishola

Ayodeji Ishola is a software project manager with competence in building, managing and mentoring high-performing engineering teams.